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(almost there!) Our Facebook App!

Were almost there! currently our developers are in a midst of finishing up our beta version of the facebook app “Vactory” aka Appfactory and soon enough we will have this up working in no time hopefully this whole project will be done in the next week or so! So keep a lookout for our app because I guarantee you that this will entertain and benefit all the facebook user which is basically the whole entire world LOL i will keep up to date on when this app will be launched. For the mean time check out our website and support our projects at also the detailed explanation of this app is also located on Raising Vactory. Feel free to email me anytime for suggestions at! You never know you might be one of the lucky ones to have the most popular app used by millions on facebook! Have a good day!

Raising Vactory

VietnamQA-AppFactory, abbreviated as Vactory, is a Facebook application program generator. You can use it free of charge, to create your own custom software solution. The resulting software will be a Facebook application. Whether another Facebook member is allowed to use it, or must pay to use it, is up to you.

Vactory itself, i.e. VietnamQA-AppFactory, is also a Facebook application. Any Facebook member can use this program generator free of charge. This service is brought to you by the velgie, the people of VietnamQA.

Vactory is still under development. The first line of code for it was written in October 2010. From the start, the velgie understand that, even when full fledged, Vactory cannot automatically meet all user requirements. That’s why they also offer Free Facebook Application Development Service to all Vactory users.

Each time you use the free services as provided by the velgie, you help raise Vactory. The experience in doing the custom software for you lets the velgie know how best to improve Vactory. You must not wait until Vactory become fully operational before using the velgie to help you with the development of your own custom software. They are ready to help you now. You can contact them at any time.

VietnamQA wants to form an organization with a million software developers in Vietnam working together under the same flag. In order to realize this vision, they must train many new university graduates. For the privilege of gaining experience in many software development projects, the velgie are willing and able to do your project for free.

Did you notice that the word free is mentioned in each of the earlier paragraphs? That is how bad the velgie want to quickly build business relationship with many of the 500 million users on Facebook. If you have an idea for servicing the people on Facebook, call the velgie now. They will build you a Facebook App without asking you to pay for their effort in software development.

The above picture shows in July 2010 a number of velgie gathered for a project celebration at a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. This group of velgie were working on an e-commerce website specialized in selling gift cards and incentive cards. As of August 2010, US laws do not allow selling gift cards to businesses. The velgie moved the corporate logic from the old consumer website to the new corporate website. Furthermore, they added code and turned these websites into software as a service for use as a white label service to other businesses. Click here for more pictures.

Hello World!

Hey guys! my name is Ryan Garcia from Dallas, Texas originally from Manila, Philippines. I am currently attending Collin College AKA Quad C and on my path to finish prerequisites for a Radiology program. I would love to attend a university for completion of this career, but as of right now I plan to take Radiologic Technology at El Centro. I am currently with VietnamQA a web-based software and website developing company. I am one of the user story developers for this web based company. Just a brief explanation; a user-story is a detailed step by step of directions for the production of the application or website. Currently we were able to produce an application for Facebook where you as a Facebook user can suggest and request an application to be used by you and the public (note: this would be a personalized application created just for you). Sadly this project is currently under development but suggestion and or request is available AT ANYTIME. So check us out and if you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate! We would love to hear from you. Contact me at

What is Daivietngu? What is Dai Viet Ngu?

Daivietngu or Đại Việt Ngữ was invented by Tony Minh Duy, the founder of VietnamQA. Offshore programmers, testers and other professionals working for VietnamQA are called the velgie. Daivietngu is their spoken language. In few words, Daivietngu is Vietnamese 2.0.

According to Nguyen Thi Thu Thao in her 2007 thesis at the University of Dalarna, Dalarna County, Sweden, ending consonants in Vietnamese consist of only nasal consonants, like m and n, and unaspirated voiceless plosives, like p, t and k, with their allophones. This and other reasons are why the Vietnamese often have a hard time properly pronouncing English, which has a wide range of ending consonants and consonant clusters. The result is the proliferation of tiếng bồi, a Vietnamese form of pidgin English.

IT professors in Vietnam tell their students, as an example, what to do with a module, how to write it in Vietnamese: môđun, and how to say it. However, their graduates would have a hard time understand one another when they speak various dialects of the same Vietnamese form of pidgin English. Worse, they could not explain the difference between a module and a subsystem. To them, they both are the same concept.

With plans to have a million velgie by 2030, VietnamQA requires its workers to use Daivietngu at work. For the concept, module, the Vietnamese translation is đơn bộ and the meaning is as explained in the next sentence. The velgie must understand that, a module is like a subsystem but a module can run by itself where as a subsystem cannot. This is the only way we can ensure that seamless teamwork in Vietnam at large scale is plausible.

On August 23, 2010, both Bob and Devin, two experienced offshore programmers in Vietnam, studied the requirements in English for a particular module in the e-commerce system owned by a company in North Texas. Both then discussed with one another in the same Vietnamese form of pidgin English but they could not understand one another. They asked Tony for help. The first thing Tony did was to translate the requirements into Daivietngu. The next step was for Tony to clarify all new phrases with the two programmers. The third step is for Tony to leave the meeting as both Bob and Devin could now understand one another through the use of Daivietngu. This was when the three of us decided that Daivietngu must be required for all offshore programmers in Vietnam.

The Story of VietnamQA

October 6th, 2010, is the 6th anniversary of, the social networking website as created by Tony Minh Duy for use by the Vietnamese. Through this website over the summer Tony hired a dozen programmers in Vietnam and provided offshore software development services to a Dallas-based e-commerce business. Tony built on this success by gathering several people to develop the business further. This is the story of that business, which is called “Vietnam, quality-assured” or simply VietnamQA.

For our business development activities, we started out with three people:

  • Devin in Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Fang in Bryan, Texas
  • Joey in Sachse, Texas

Joey decided that we do not need to meet in person on a regular basis for our collaboration. Both Fang and Tony agreed. Tony was thinking that Fang should be in Dallas often but, look, Devin is not. We got to think online.


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